Your Donations Help Fund Local Classroom Projects

The Educational Foundation of Watertown has been issuing grants to teachers since its inception in 1998. Scores of teachers have been awarded the opportunity to help increase student learning by providing, otherwise unattainable tools and experiences. Each donation goes to help fund these grants.

Donations may be made:

"In Memory of ..."

"In Honor of ..." or

"In Celebration of ..."

These will be listed on the Honors page.

Any donation of $1,000 or more will be listed as "Cum Laude" with donations of $10,000 or more being listed as "Summa Cum Laude."

Online Donation

The Educational Foundation of Watertown, Inc. is a 501{c}3 foundation, providing local funding for classroom equipment, projects and/or programs in the Watertown Wisconsin area schools, public and private.

 submit grant applications in October. Grants are awarded and posted on this website in November.  

Each year, we receive 
more applications than we have funds available.  

We invite individuals and local businesses to join in helping fund additional classroom projects.

Donations may be made online from the Donations page.

Businesses contributing to the Foundation will be listed on the "Sponsors" page with a brief description of the business' operation or service.  We can provide a link to your business website, too.
Local students will thank you for participation in this
community effort because, 


"Today's Children - Tomorrow's Leaders"
Donations Help Fund Local Classroom Projects

Foundation Board

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who operate independently of any other board, organization, or entity.

Randy Phelps

Kathy Wagner

Mara Thompson 

Neale Jones

Nate Salas

Jeff Allen 

Tammy Bird 
    School Board Rep.

John David 
    Watertown Retailer
Former Watertown Mayor

Kim Erdmann
    Chamber of Commerce

Cindy Gremmels
    Retired Educator

Julie Jones 
    Watertown Retailer

Brian Konz 
    Financial Advisor

Doug Linse 
    School Business Manager

Ronald Stuebs
    Retired Educator

John Ulsvik
    Retired Jefferson County Judge

"Your Donations Help Fund Local Classroom Projects"

The Foundation functions to promote excellence in education through the use of its resources. This is being done primarily by distribution of grants directly to classroom teachers for their use in classrooms, directly impacting student learning. Grants focus on these types of uses:

  • Learning Enhancement
  • Technology for Learning
  • Innovative Resources
  • Professional Recognition
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